Lambda Solutions is hosting a free webinar today March 26th focused on using Moodle to delivery corporate training online. According to the event posting,

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There is a reason why Moodle, the world’s leading open source learning management system, is used by 73 million users worldwide—because it is open source and provides organizations with a feature-rich solution to ensure their learning needs are met and exceeded.  Due to this, Moodle is becoming a leading choice for corporate elearning.

Moodle is used by countless organizations in healthcare, enterprise and even non-profit arenas to ensure employees are provided with learning opportunities to meet their performance goals. In this webinar we will show you 6 different ways to use Moodle for your corporate eLearning needs!

Jim Yupangco, VP of Customer Experience at Lambda will present to participants who will learn about using Moodle to deliver compliance training, how to organize courses and outcomes around skills and competencies, using Moodle as a training site for customers, and more.

The webinar is scheduled for 1pm EST today March 26th.

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