Changes to Moodle: Phil Hill’s Interview with Martin Dougiamas


Future of MoodleLast week we posted about Phil Hill’s analysis regarding Blackboard’s Moodle Strategy. Given the number of comments we received – and their clear opinions – it is safe to say these topics (both Blackboard’s holdings and the future of Moodle) hold great interest in the community.

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As a part of his continuing research into this topic, Phil reached out to Marin Dougiamas, the founder of Moodle, directly. Happily, Phil made the decision to publish this interview early, in his words, “to avoid the risk of having his answers get buried within [his] upcoming analysis post.” As we’ve all come to expect, the interview is chalk full of interesting Q & A. Topics include:

  1. The benefits and risks of having one Moodle Partner achieve dominance
  2. Perspective on acquisitions in the Moodle Partner community
  3. Whether or not Moodle is at an “inflection point”
  4. How Moodle’s core mission is supported by Moodle Cloud and the Moodle Association
  5. Contrasting Moodle HQ with other for profit LMS providers
  6. The penetration of Moodle in the corporate community (i.e. outside the education space)

Perhaps the most interesting sound bite from the interview is in regards to Remote-Learner’s recent exit as a Moodle Partner. They have publicly stated they will continue their relationship with Moodle through the Association, however, as noted by Martin, “they cannot actually even join the Moodle Association as commercial LMS service providers are not eligible.” (Though individuals associated with RL could join as individuals.)

We’d love to read your opinions about how the Moodle community is shifting (or not). Please place your thoughts in the comments below!