imoot15 mini mootFor anyone invested in Moodle as a platform, MoodleMoots are a fantastic way to sharpen the saw, network and grow as a Moodler. But what if you just can’t make it to your closest Moot this year, for whatever reason (time, budget, competing events)?

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Try the iMoot! The iMoots have been so successful that Pukunui is running an iMoot Mini Moot on November 6th, 2015. The format will be 24 hours of straight presentations that include two keynotes, two “ask the expert,” and twenty one-hour sessions for teachers, trainings, admins and developers (in a rotation format). And, here’s the best part, admission is only $35 USD.

You can register for the upcoming iMoot Mini Moot here.

Have you attended an iMoot? What was your impression? Was there the same value as attending a live MoodleMoot? Leave us your comments below!

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