Blackboardbb recently announced its acquisition of X-Ray Analytics, a learning analytics and predictive analysis technology in Washington, DC. The technology aggregates student performance data and provides feedback to users/staff in order to optimize student outcomes and proactively identify at risk students.

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According to the Washington Business Journal,

As CEO Jay Bhatt told me in an interview following the company’s last acquisition: “Investing in Moodle, but also investing specifically and strategically in international markets, are two themes you’re going to continue hearing from us.”

The X-Ray Analytics tool is designed to “enhance learning outcomes, retention and success,” according to a release, as it aggregates student performance data for the purpose of identifying problems with individual students for pre-emptive intervention.

Interested in what exactly it will do? From Blackboard’s announcement,

X-Ray Analytics provides deep insights on learner behavior and identifies trends at course, cross-course and institutional levels. It identifies at-risk students, analyzes and values their activities, enabling instructors to engage and remediate issues before it is too late. This technology is delivered in the cloud, just like our open source solutions, which makes it easy to deploy, delivers no-downtime updates, and provides the ultimate in performance.

It’s not clear yet how the product will be available to current/potential clients of Blackboard or how the integration will be made available to users. For further information check the links below.

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