The Rise of “Cyber Days” rather than “Snow Days”


snow-fort-660x440Back in my day, a snow day was like a mini-vacation from school comparable with winning the jackpot. We played outside all day, made enormous forts out of the plowed up snow (and even got to have breakfast with a stuck at home parent which was not the norm. We even had extra days in the summer to make up for the snow days we had during the amazing Vermont winters!

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In recent years though I’ve seen a shift away from the “sorry no school, go play outside” reality of the “snow day” to the “cyber day”. A pre-planned contingency set to minimize the impact of losing an entire day to weather. I think it will end up being more the norm, with just a little planning a flipped or blended classroom augmented with a learning management system or webpage can easily slip from part in-class/part online to fully online as easily as changing from your Sorel Boots to your slippers.

Here are a few recent articles from around the web that highlight the growing trend.

Do you have a cyber day plan?

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