The Plugin Database at has been improved through new policies like “adopt a plugin” and peer review which has cleared the backlog and helped to streamline the process of plugins being released at for download (or direct download and installation on your site). David Mudrák has also announced improvements of functionality to the database recently with two new small features for each plugin:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. a counter of all downloads
  2. a button to “add to my favourites”

At a glance both provide info on the plugin in the shape of the number of times the plugin has been downloaded to date and how many people have adding the plugin to their favourites list (a quick measure in popularity). This info could be used in the future to help improve the experience at as well,

In the future, the full list of users can be displayed, too. Together with the information on what other plugins those fans like. It could even evolve into automatically generated suggestions based on the following idea: “If Alice and Bob both like and use plugins X, Y and Z, and Alice also likes and uses the plugin W, then Bob might be interested in the plugin W too.”

Good stuff. Read the full note here: See below for a picture of the Essential Theme’s page and the download/favourite stats shown as grey buttons.



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