Frederic Massart has shown some cool navigation features that we might see in Moodle’s future. You can check out some of the early prototypes here. With that feedback Mr. Massart has worked with Jetha Chan to refine the specifications for the navigation overhaul that is being proposed. The draft is available at:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Here are the basic ideas that drive the specific navigation changes:

  • Consistency could help: Navigation elements are dynamic and ever changing from course to module to main site etc
  • Feature placement and organization: some features are buried down rabbit holes and nested menus
  • Breadcrumb navigation: sometimes when clicking a feature the breadcrumb navigation and hierarchy will change significantly (I have noticed that this is a major issue with some 3rd party plugins like Turnitin where you can completely lose context)

In the “Rough Ideas” section some really great thinking is reflected and I think there will be some great improvements to the navigation as a result. Check it out in full here:

And please provide your comments in the discussion here:

An example of a course quick-access menu as highlighted at
An example of a course quick-access menu as highlighted at
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