Moodle’s Official Partner program recently grew by another member with the addition of eAbyas Information Solutions of Hyderabad, India. From the press release,

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Over the past four years, eAbyas has demonstrated proven expertise in providing Moodle development, support, theme and integration services to clients in India and across the international market. Joining the Moodle Partner program will help eAbyas reach more clients and increase awareness of the benefits and use of the open-source Moodle platform in India & emerging markets.

eAbyas recently released its flagship product CobaltLMS, a Student Information System built on Moodle, designed for colleges and universities. Other projects in the pipeline include the launch of BuildYourOwnLMS website, a service for educational consultants to build their own Moodle in the cloud.

Sushil Karampuri, Founder and CEO of eAbyas says the company is excited to be part of the Moodle Partner network.

“We are experiencing a tremendous growth in internet penetration in India, along with an increase in tech-savviness amongst students and the teaching community. There is a growing demand for online content at an affordable price and an expectation of maximum convenience in the creation and delivery of the content.”

By lowering the barrier-to-entry costs and offering a variety of e-learning models, eAbyas is well positioned to offer e-learning systems based on open-source tools to Indian schools and colleges. “We hope to promote the Moodle e-learning platform through awareness programs in India,” Mr Karampuri added.

For more information on eAbyas and their CobaltLMS Student Information System check out these links or the presentation below.eaybas

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