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Mary Cooch recently shared a resource with me in a comment on a post here at Moodlenews for the Moodle.net Course Content Database (a resource that I had thought no longer existed). Back in Moodle 1.9, there used to be several databases of importable quiz questions, glossary xml files, and Moodle database templates for download on Moodle.org (but then with the change to 2.0 they disappeared).

Luckily it appears as if some, or maybe a new repository of resources is available in the Course Content Database. To date there are over three dozen resources that might help you create a better Moodle course or save you some time by using one of the OER contributed files and get your course rolling.

Entries fall into a few tool types:

  • SCORM Packages
  • LTI links
  • Quiz files (in either Aiken or GIFT generally)
  • Glossary Entries
  • Database Presets
  • Book

In the Quiz alone there are quizzes on Atomic Numbers, Literacy, Chemical Symbols, Business Administration, Group work self-evaluation, and more.