paradisoIf you’re looking for an alternative to selling courses through the standard Paypal extension in Moodle, on March 13th, Paradiso Solutions is hosting a free webinar to highlight the use of eCommerce tools to help Moodle with authentication and course enrollments through purchases. The webinar will look at three open source eCommerce suites including Magento, Drupal, and WordPress-based Woocommerce.

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According to the event announcement,

eLearning is rapidly growing and along with that growth is the need to generate user accounts after receiving online payments. Streamlining the enrollment and login process are key goals for enterprises as they see an increase in course participation and engagement. Paradiso Solutions has developed several integrations with eCommerce  and  Moodle, the leading open source eLearning platform with over 70 million users in over 200 countries.

Our Moodle Integrations expert, Steven Quiroz, will be presenting a live demo,discussing the benefits of including single sign-on and auto-enrollment as well as answering questions to all the attendees.

The webinar is free and is scheduled for 2pm EST on March 13th. Read more at

Register here:

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