While the capital campaign has ended, there are still a lot of opportunities to get involved in the the Moodle community. On December 4th there’s an upcoming unofficial event focused on improving the Moodle.org Documentation for a few features and aspects of Moodle. This project idea came to light at the Mountain Moot this past July and is open to anyone interested in learning about updating Docs at Moodle.org and participating.

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For more information visit http://thornedu.com/dmoot/

Emma Richardson and Randy Thornton are organizing and hosting a community volunteer day to work on Moodle Docs together.

We are calling it dMoot and inviting anyone who would like to help to join us on December 4th, 2014.

We will have a video conference feed to do real time organizing and a document to keep track over everyone’s work. Anyone and everyone is welcome for a little or much time you can volunteer to help improve Moodle.org’s documentation.

Find out the details at our site http://thornedu.com/dmoot/ and follow #dmoot on Twitter for my information.


Randy Thornton


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