I’ll be taking an unofficial holiday break until the new year starting this week. While I don’t have planned posts I just might get a few out when I find something truly too good not to share (as often Moodle-related news is). In any event, so as to not leave you with nothing to read or brush up on that’s somewhat connected to my favorite LMS, here are some resources to invest your time over the holiday break provided with Dickensian theme.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • A few years ago I published 12 days of Moodlemas (from which the title of this post is borrowed) which includes a host of links, resources, books and more shared across the community. While things have changed a lot since the original publishing there are always worthwhile resources in the archives: relive something from Christmas Past with the 12 days of Moodlemas
  • For Moodlemas Present let’s turn to the latest Moodle release, 2.8 and all of the amazing features that it’s brought to the community. 2.8 brought major changes to the Gradebook, user interface, fun tricks with email (like replying to forums and uploading docs to private files), and loads more. Moodle HQ has done a brilliant job of highlighting the features via video and documentation. Check out the videos for 2.8 here.
  • Finally for Moodlemas future. It’s certainly bright with Moodle 2.9 and 3.0 due out in 2015 and at the very beginning of the year anyone can join in and become a Moodler by signing up for the LearnMoodle MOOC (part 2) which starts in January. There are loads of Moodlemoots to attend as well so add some Moodle to your future by following along or getting involved.

Thanks for reading and for a wonderful year. Happy Holidays!

originally from UCSF Convergence blog https://blogs.library.ucsf.edu/convergence/
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