100s of Moodle slide decks available on Slideshare.net


I often will search for Moodle related content on sites like Google, Youtube and Slideshare to see if my RSS feeds missed anything. If you’re looking for some Moodle-related content (but not a specific resource or tutorial) it’s a good way to find new material you might not otherwise have been exposed to.

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Slideshare.net is a great place to find slide decks from conferences, professional development trainings or faculty presentations. Quality ranges from in-depth step by step tutorials to general overviews of Moodle features or updates. It’s also rife with presentations in languages other than english. Better yet you can search by time frame (when they were uploaded, language, and file types). You can even search by whether or not the files are downloadable (which, depending on the CC license, might make for a good starting point if you’re presenting on a similar topic).

Search at http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?q=moodle

A few presentations I found recently:

Happy searching!

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