rmELIS (Enterprise Learning Intelligence System), by Moodle Partner Remote-Learner is an extension of Moodle that allows more management tools to track students at a glance and intervene as necessary. There are a lot of features added on top of Moodle which augment the system and extend Moodle to a host of new capabilities. According to the site there are 5 components of ELIS:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Repository Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Outcome Manager
  • Notification Manager
  • Reporting

According to the site,

ELIS extends Moodle’s ability to monitor learning, measure performance, and generate accurate report analytics, thereby making your learning & training objectives more robust and reliable.

In the past, ELIS has been contributed to the Moodle Addon database, if you’re interested in trying out the older version (compatible with Moodle 2.1.x you can find it here: https://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&rid=4894 or https://github.com/remotelearner.

The newest version of ELIS, not yet contributed to Moodle.org, has additional filters, bulk editing, drag and drop functionality and more. If you’re interested you can attend a webinar to learn more http://www.remote-learner.net/elis-2422-webinar/ or check out the handy docs and video provided by the Moodle Partner:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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