Presentation Recordings from #Mootau13


Martin Dougiamas has uploaded quite a few presentation recordings from this past Australian Moodle Moot (#Mootau13), including a few by HQ staff. While the audio could be clearer, the videos do include the slide show presentations that were given. Here’s a solid way to catch some of the presentation from the Moot on your own time, specifically if you’re interested in:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

And many more:

Below is Francis Kneebone’s Mobile Analytics presentation, you can check out his slides and follow along at

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  1. Yes, apologies for the quality and selection, but I was just streaming them ad hoc from wherever I was, trying to set an example for others to follow! Next time I’ll be more prepared and bring a directional mike.

    I am always annoyed at missing sessions in other streams at Moots.

    If anyone else is at a Moot in future please consider using Google Hangouts on Air to stream it live, or even just record it on your mobile device to publish later. Then tag it with the conference hash tag.


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