Paid Plugin Site gains steam/interest


mstarterOne of the great things about Moodle is that it has a solid community to developers who share all of their products for free.  It’s also one of the things that might be holding back the best development ideas and products. There will always be a place for free apps and plugins in the Moodle community, some believe though that there’s a place for paid apps as well, potentially through a crowd-sourced funding model like KickStarter.

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Funding for paid apps could support both developers and and could incentivize the continued development and innovation of plugins overtime without relying on free labor.  Open source is about community and sharing (but there’s also room for paying developers). If you’re familiar with you’ll recognize a different take on the open source community and the ways by which individuals and companies make a living off of premium software, themes, etc (  In a way Moodle is already authorizing the official commercial use of its software through the partner network.

Could individuals be the next to benefit?

What are your thoughts on paid apps for Moodle, if there was one site to browse and purchase great plugins, solid reviews and ratings and a standard rule set for how information was displayed and presented would you be more willing to buy an app or upgrade your Moodle?