Moodle and Salesforce Integration could streamline your business training needs


crm_salesforceParadiso Solutions, a Totara Partner, has integrated Salesforce data into Moodle and vice-versa to create a back and forth connection that shares user data with Moodle and then user completion data (like grades and transcripts) back to Salesforce for a pretty interesting SIS or CRM management system.

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They’ve published a few presentations about the integration and what it can do, here’s a quote from the website:

In this integration Moodle data is accessed in Salesforce. Managers can assign courses to students/employees, they can see their course progress and much more. This data is stored in Moodle but accessed in Salesforce. The training results and statistics from Moodle gives valuable insights to decision makers in Salesforce about ROI on training. The student data is very useful for HR and Marketing executing to decide internal or external communication to promote learning.

If you’re company is already using Salesforce or looking for an enterprise user management system outside of Moodle, this might be a viable solution.

Disclaimer: Paradiso Solutions is a supporter of Moodlenews.


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