tester iconMoodle.org is gearing up for the Moodle 2.6 release and you can help put the newest release through the ringer to identify any issues prior to it’s release. QA testing is an important part of any software project and the Moodle Community of testers and bug finders is essential to the project. Read more and sign up to be a tester at https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=243328

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From Helen Foster:

Hello everyone!

You’ve probably heard that Moodle 2.6 is due for release next month, and so we’re once again running a Quality Assurance (QA) testing cycle, starting today: Moodle 2.6 QA. The list of over 400 tests has been expanded to include tests covering new features in Moodle 2.6.

If you’d like to have a play with Moodle 2.6 on our Moodle QA testing site and at the same time help with QA testing, please read the QA testing guide and contact me if you’d like to be added to the testers group in the Moodle tracker. New testers are always welcome. smileWe’re aiming for a 100% pass rate of QA tests within the next few weeks, so all help is much appreciated!

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