wampI’m working on a bunch of projects at work that require I get down and dirty in Moodle: connecting to the mySQL database tables to start learning how to run queries and get at all the great data to analyze student behavior, to install new mods more quickly for testing, and a few other more minor things.

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In the past, I have setup Moodle sites through Bitnami hosting (a dev server might cost as low as $2 a month as long as you remember to stop the server when you’re not using it), Bluehost (also great for testing and only about $80 a year), and have had a dev server setup by our team for internal user. Each has it’s own inefficiencies though. I am looking to be able to install the latest Moodle release (most hosting services are a few versions behind) so that I can leverage the newest and freshest code contributions and features without having to wait or rely on anyone else.

I figured installing the package from Moodle.org for Windows full installation [http://download.moodle.org/windows/] would do the trick and let me work in an environment I was used to. Unfortunately the install did not work and according to the documentation, there are some known issues with that package working with Windows 7.  🙁

After a bit of Googling though I found an awesome resource that only took about 120 minutes from start to finish to get working. The post highlighted what resources to use and how to do the install. I did run into an issue with the WAMP server configuration files for CURL but found the documentation at Moodle.org to be enough to get me past that roadblock. Today I’m happy to say that I have successfully installed Moodle on my own computer (and could do it again if I needed to) and can run it at /LocalHost/.

Here is the fantastic resource: https://squdgy.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/installing-moodle-on-windows-7-for-development/

And a list of the other resources I found handy during the install:

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