SEBThe Safe Exam Browser in Moodle is a tool that uses javascript to “lock down” certain aspects of the Moodle quiz experience while the quiz is live. It cuts down on the use of keyboard shortcuts, locks the student’s view to that window (full screen) and cannot be closed unless the quiz is submitted.

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While it might not be 100% effective in preventing academic honesty issues, it might give you a leg up in combating unauthorized activity in a computer lab or proctored setting (enabling it strictly for home use may only create a few speed bumps for the tech savvy user).

Check it out an all of the capabilities at Read more about the general tool at



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  1. does this browser has a feature to lock down the system if any key on the keyboars is pressed? not just particular ones rather ANY.

  2. you mean the browser would effectually turn the students’ keyboard off completely and only allow the use of their mouse?


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