Ever had to explain Moodle to someone only to dwell on the most valuable things you do with it but miss the things they may be keen on? Moodle Docs has a solution for that: The Features Tour.

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This Moodle doc breaks down the basics for Teachers, Students and Administrators complete with visuals and a punch list of a lot of the most popular and valuable features.

For example, teachers can:

  • Drag your favourite teaching resources straight onto the page: No complex uploading processes; just select your file, folder or other learning resource and place it exactly where you want in your course.
  • Search for and embed multimedia at the click of a button: Moodle’s easy to use text editor makes formatting your courses a pleasure,with customisable edit icons and built-in image, sound and video embedding.
  • Direct your students’ learning path: Let learners meander freely around your course or restrict their access dependent on criteria met, time or profile fields; it’s your choice!
  • Embed all sorts of web2.0 media
  • Get your students working and learning together: From forums to collaborative wikis and glossaries, from comment boxes to private messaging, Moodle offers your students a number of ways to make their voice heard.
  • Assess and feedback with self-grading quizzes

and much more. Check it out and make it the first stop for new Moodlers: http://docs.moodle.org/25/en/Features_tour


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