gsocThere were 7 projects selected this year for Moodle’s participation in the Google Summer of Code. Each student gets a mentor and stipend to tackle coding a new integration or rewrite of a component of Moodle.

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Here are the 7 projects for this year (check out all of the past Moodle GSOC projects here:

  1. Self-assessment activity using the question bank – a self directed quiz feature with feedback and student ability to track their progress
  2. SCORM player rewrite
  3. Global search – rewriting how search works in Moodle so that it’s not just an administrative tool.
  4. Course search – see above
  5. Pronunciation evaluation question type – no details yet, but my guess is a quick recorder type question that allows teachers to evaluate students on oral speech captured through Moodle.
  6. A Moodle plugin for determining Quiz authorship – a quiz and user identification tool to ensure that the test take is who they say they are.
  7. Portfolio plugin for Evernote – AWESOME, portfolio integration to the popular and ever useful Evernote notetaking and document sharing tool.

This is a great list and one of the most aggressive lineups for Moodle’s GSOC.  I look forward to learning more about each project. Congratulations to each of the selected students!


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  1. Your guess is wrong. The Pronunciation evaluation question type is actually using speech recognition technology to automatically check the quality of the student’s pronunciation. Yes, that is possible, apparently. We shall see.

  2. Mind = Blown.

    Sounds like some Rosetta Stone quality technology. This could be an awesome asset for automated feedback in language learning courses. Thanks for the info!

  3. Wow, speech recognition built into Moodle is excellent news for language teachers, especially if it’s coupled with a core repository-based audio recorder à la PoodLL.

    NOMot sure if its much use, but I made some pronunciation rubrics for Moodle a while back – could be turned into a basic core pron rubric (CC licenced)


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