If you’re contemplating an upgrade to your site and want to start with an amazing theme, I can hardly talk enough about Essential by Julian Ridden. Essential, right out of the box provides your Moodle site with ways to market courses, news and to provide students a very un-Moodle like entry point. Aside from the polished look and front end design that emulates a modern blog more than any LMS, you’ll find that every page gets equal treatment by the theme (no broken tables or ill-aligned exam pages).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

I’ve been diving deeply into the Essential theme and without any modification (besides a logo) I’ve found it to meet my needs (and then some) and it’s wowed our students and facilitators. Thankfully you don’t have to hear me drone on about how you can configure the banner, marketing spots or any of the other theme configuration options, Julian’s created a video that does that for us. Click below for 18 minutes of essential info on the Essential theme.

Essential Theme Overview from Julian Ridden on Vimeo.

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