If you’re a math teacher then you might want to checkout Wiris Quizzes, a new upgraded plugin that provides students an easy way to create mathematical notation (fractions, exponents, roots, derivatives and more) to answer questions within the Moodle assessment engine.

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We haven’t just adapted our tool from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2. We have taken the chance to greatly improve its functionality:

  1. Automatic assessment
  2. Random parameters
  3. NEW compatibility with mobile devices
  4. NEW answer format control: simplified, factorised, etc.
  5. NEW physical units in the answers
  6. NEW easy definition of numerical precision
  7. NEW easy localisation of your symbols

Give the new version a try in our Moodle 2 DEMO SITE .

Check out the demo on just a few easy clicks to see the new notation editor in action.

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