As an administrator on the site you may have noticed the “Admin Bookmarks” block which helps you save hard to find settings pages.  Handy…but its useless to the all other users.  NO MORE!

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User Bookmark Block:

You may know that my job and hobby worlds collided a few months back at StraighterLine.  This has given me the opportunity to work with one of our developers to start making some sweet Moodle code.  Not everything is going to be shared but this is our first foray and I’m quite proud of the User Bookmark block (and it’s developer, my colleague, Gurvinder Singh).

The goal was to modify an existing block to make something more useful.  What we did was take the Admin Bookmark block and gave it functionality for all users.  Now from any page a student can bookmark a handy resource for safe keeping.  Even better they could be making great progress in their course then suddenly: the bell!  Rather than close out everything and then have to go and navigate back to some page somewhere on the site, the student can just click “bookmark” and their page is then saved.  This is especially handy when the block is made sticky to every page (I prefer the top most right hand side location).

Extremely simple, but incredibly handy as a student or teacher.  Gurvinder’s work includes custom titles, adding and removing and even support for modules like the Lesson and Book (which have more complicated link structures).


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