Our interview with Julian Ridden, Moodleman and organizer of the iMoot 2012.  Below answers the question, What is your favorite memory of last year’s iMoot?

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Julian: Where to start? I have so many. Rather than identifying a particular session I want to instead highlight the tone of the event. Out of no-where over those 96 hours a whole new global community was formed. I know users who were afraid to go to sleep in case they missed something. Educators who have formed new global mentoring relationships from peers they met online. The sense of community from last year’s event was amazing and I am hoping to be able to put lightning in that bottle a second time.

MNs: What do you hope people will take away from the experience?

Julian: Two things. First of all s lots of new ideas. That’s what moots are all about. The meeting of minds and sharing information. But, as mentioned above, the second thing to take away is hopefully that sense of being a part of a vibrant and open community. The more that become part of that, the more powerful we all become because of it.

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to register for this year’s iMoot at http://2012.imoot.org/mod/book/view.php?id=31&chapterid=9

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