If you’re interested in adding video to your courses, Kaltura is a great way do to so.  Whether you’re using the enterprise/hosted version or the open source version configured yourself the plugin provides two solid abilities within Moodle:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. allows you to create assignments where students record their own videos
  2. allows you to create a video presentation right from your webcam

This isn’t even mentioning all of the great administrative features you get for controlling your videos, syndication to other sites like Youtube and the automatic distribution of the right format to the end user depending on the type of device they’re using to visit your site and watch videos.  The enterprise version goes even further with a truly killer presentation tool.  Checkout the Kaltura plugin at Kaltura.org. http://corp.kaltura.com/Products/Video-Applications/Moodle-Video-Extension

According to the Kaltura Demo site the new Moodle 2 Kaltura plugin provides the means to,

  • Easily add video content to course pages, wikis, forums, surveys and other Moodle tools
  • Create a synchronized playback of a video and a presentation document with slides
  • Allow students to submit video responses to assignments
  • Use Moodle video features on the-go with support for mobile devices

I had the pleasure of a demo recently, here are a few screenshots from the service as captured at the Kaltura Demo site: http://corp.kaltura.com/Products/Video-Applications/Moodle-Video-Extension


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  1. I truly hope that they’ve improved since their 1.9 version. The SWF objects’ sources were never released and had some severe problems with HTTPS that they never released a fix for.

    Worse their answer was “we fixed it in the enterprise version, if you purchase a subscription you can have a fix” – hardly the heart of open source we’ve come to expect thanks to great projects like Moodle.

  2. @Danny,

    We’re in the middle of switching all of our projects over to github for easier public hosting: http://github.com/kaltura

    Some projects, like our Drupal plugin, have, similarly, switched their development source management locations to the preferred sites of the software we’re integrating Kaltura into.

    I’ve pinged our Moodle project leads, expect them to update you with current repository locations.

    — Andrew
    Community Manager
    [email protected]

  3. Beware! You can only upload video – no audio. Instructors have access to Kaltura Video Resource and Kaltura Video Presentation (video + sync’d PPT), but student activities are limited only to Kaltura Video Assignment – no Video Presentations or audio.

    If you want to control which aspects of the uploader wizard you want to display/conceal, the configuration process is extremely difficult. You either take it as it is out of the box or wrestle snakes to configure it manually.

    And it doesn’t work on iPad or iPhone.


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