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If you’re interested in the nascent field of learning analytics as it applies to the reports and statistics you can glean from Moodle then has a new forum for you:

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As stated in the intro post by Martin Dougiamas,

There’s a lot happening in this field right now, yet it’s still so poorly defined.

Moodle has quite a lot of reports already but they are scattered all over the place and could certainly be improved a lot.

I hope this forum helps to bring us together to work on what reporting and analytics should look like in Moodle core, as well as sharing our ideas for various other developments and approaches that we are all working on.

With the upcoming badges project from Totara, course completion and checklists available to end users and all of the great plugins getting contributed to help you with reports (not to mention platforms like ELIS from Remote-Learner that can help you track outcomes at a much deeper level) there are all sorts of ways Moodle can track outcomes and objectives.

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