After 2 Years, Moodle4iPhone resurfaces with a nearly ready Moodle theme


I was pleased to receive an email from Carlos Kiyan, one of the organizers of the Moodle4iPhone site and app development more which kicked off with some great videos and screenshots nearly three years ago. I can say that the development has come a long way and is pretty slick to use.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

According to the announcement from the Moodle2Mobile listserv which now hosts the group discussions and announcements:

Last time (moodle4iPhone project we were modifying the core of the moodle code and of course to maintain it after every new moodle release was going to be a nightmare.
We kindly invite you to visit our website and try it out. At this moment the tablet version (android 4, ios5) is almost ready 90%.
The mobile theme is still beta, you can test it out.
Register and login at (enrollment key is moodle4iPhone).
Here are a few screenshots from my HTC One S as I clicked (tapped?) around the site. More updates forthcoming.
For more on Mobile Moodle visit
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