What students say about the use of Moodle


Moodlerooms (@Moodlerooms) has a great post which highlights feedback they received directly from students at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of their clients [read the full post at http://moodlerooms-blog.blogspot.com/].  According to the post,

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we wanted to highlight a recent submission from our customers at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, an independent secondary school (grades 6-12) in downtown Seattle, WA. Seattle Academy places a special emphasis on education in the arts and within evolving fields of technology in order to cultivate the analytical, creative and practical skills of its students.

After asking their middle school students, “What do you think of Moodle?” the students used a SMART Board to colorfully capture their comments.

This gem is my favorite (You can see the “arts” shining through…)

What do your students say about Moodle?  Is it similar?  Are you using Moodle in a way that makes it indispensable to student learning (or so they think)?

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