Here’s a new Mod that’s now available for Moodle 2 and 1.9 which provides an overlaid chat box for logged in users.  It works pretty well for 1-to-1 chat for students and teachers (and even admins) and according to the new settings also stores history/logs of all conversations occurring over the platform.  The Gmail/Facebook-like chat for Moodle 1.9 is pretty slick (but note that this is still a beta release).  I did have some trouble getting it to work/display properly on Chrome and Internet Explorer (but Firefox worked as described).

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Check it out at


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  1. Fantastic. Just what the doctored ordered!
    Although by default the location of the chatbox is a bit too low down. Part of the window gets chopped off by my Moodlebar. Now if I can just tweak the x-y coordinates…


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