Siri, what can you do with Moodle? #Apple


Here’s a cool tidbit if you’re following some of the new iOS features, specifically the voice recognition and personal assistant software that was introduced as Siri (a witty, helpful automated assistant and search tool). Unfortunately it can’t tell you what your homework is or how many students have yet to finish that quiz within a Moodle course (yet anyway) but it can call a query to the Moodle Tracker to see what’s up.  While this might not be helpful to many, it certainly gives us a sense of what might be possible with a few months/years and some developmental effort.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

If your Moodle was available to your personal assistant (like Siri) what would you ask it?

Direct link to Dan Poltawski’s blog: (he’s even made the code available).

The video:

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