Remote-Learner (@RemoteLearner) ready to release ELIS code to community on 6/24


Remote-Learner (@remotelearner), official Moodle Partner, recently announced that it is releasing it’s ELIS (Enterprise Learning Intelligence System) to the community as part of its open source efforts.  ELIS has been Remote-Learner’s paid/hosted service added on top of Moodle for the last several years and now will be open to the community and available as a download for those who want to use it.  While this version will be unsupported, documentation on the learning tools will be available.  Read more at

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From the release,

“The ELIS for Moodle platform has always been an open source product and has been developed under open source GPL licensing. Remote-Learner is now taking the next step to make it available to the Moodle community,” said Jason Cole, Remote-Learner CEO. “Remote-Learner has always been dedicated to Open Source products, and will continue to provide learning services through Moodle and ELIS to our customers and the community.”

The ELIS for Moodle community release will be unsupported but will provide documentation support to developers and organizations. The community release will be updated regularly, along with the Remote-Learner supported subscription version. For organizations who desire commercial support, Remote-Learner continues to provide a full range of support services for the ELIS for Moodle platform. Support services include access to full tech support, custom development, certified and managed releases, training and professional consulting.

Remote-Learner and other Moodle Partners have created social, learning and administrative layers on top of Moodle in their efforts to create and maintain value added services aside from traditional Moodle-related services which Moodle Partners can engage in.  Like Moodlerooms POWER and joule, and Totara, ELIS is one such solution.

You can read more about ELIS and the various tools that it adds to Moodle at  Stay tuned for Friday when the ELIS code becomes available.

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  1. Has anybody heard if ELIS will be compatible with Moodle 1.9 or 2? I haven’t upgraded to Moodle 2 yet but this may just be the reason to make the leap.

  2. Joe, Joseph is correct. Currently, ELIS is compatible with Moodle 1.9. We will be releasing a 2.0 compatible version in Sept/Oct. If you have any further questions about ELIS for Moodle, I would be happy to answer them for you.

  3. According to the demo we had last week from Remote-Learner, ELIS for Moodle 2.0 is in the works.

  4. if you could help me with a manual installation for moodle elis, I downloaded elis files, but can not find any document to install it, please would be very grateful if you could help me …….


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