When setting up a new Moodle site one of my first considerations is if I’m going to employ the myMoodle page to simplify navigation for all users.  What I’ve found though is that there are several screens and menus required in order to setup myMoodle and the landing page for non-logged in users (I know I’m simplifying the overall configuration options but bear with me).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

To make the setup of myMoodle and the front page simpler, why not combine the home and front page settings pages?  As myMoodle grows in popularity and usage it makes sense that the front page settings incorporate the settings included in “Appearance” -> “Navigation” which are part and parcel with some of the considerations with the Front Page Settings page.  In a sense, when myMoodle is configured it does become the “front page” for users once logged in and vice-versa the home page is the front page in general?  Perhaps it would make more sense for these settings to be managed from the same page.

Adding the 4 settings of the “Navigation” to “Front Page Settings” eliminate and entire menu page.  Not only that, it would place one of Moodle’s most important features, myMoodle  more prominently.

Below is what the new “Front Page Settings” might look like:


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