The new plugin database is now live at and ready to be seeded by the developers of the various plugins, addons, grade reports, themes and other 3rd party tools that give Moodle a host of additional capabilities and user experience improvements.

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The new database specs and preliminary mockup can be found at  The new database can be found at

A few of the main benefits:

  • better organization
  • more screenshots
  • version/release control
  • reviews, ratings, awards and statistics
  • more information about developers

According to Martin Dougiamas’s announcement,

We would now like you (Moodle developers!) to start adding your own plugins to the new database.  You’ll need to register a new entry for the plugin itself, and then create a “version” within that plugin every time you make a release.  At first you’ll have to wait for everything to be approved before it goes live, but trusted developers will get more privs later.

Once we have a critical mass of data we’ll start directing everyone there to the new one and will gently retire the old one (but keep it visible for reference purposes, since I suspect a lot of old stuff in there will never (and should never) be migrated to the new one).

Eventually the new database will also be the source of data for a new “Check for updates” feature within Moodle, that’s why we are being very strict about the naming and formatting in this one.

It will also be the location for official reviews of plugins for security, accessibility, etc.

Check out a few of the screenshots of the new system below:
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