More on Moodle Flavours #GSOC 2011


There is some new, interesting information on Moodle Flavours, one of Moodle’s Google Summer of Code projects.  This project was proposed and is being worked on by David Monllaó and was originally highlighted a few weeks back [link], quite simply it’s a way for Moodle administrators to share and customize a package of settings and features on a Moodle site with the community or across their installations.  According to the documentation page,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

flavour is a packaged set of Moodle site settings, plugins and language packs. Moodle Administrators will be able to create a flavour from their installation, selecting which settings, plugins and language packs will be packaged into a compressed file. They can then, share the package with the Moodle community, store it as a backup or use it to replicate the flavour to other installations they manages. It could also be useful for administrators with little Moodle experienced, allowing them to explore the Moodle settings and setup recommended by others.

On the Development Docs now there are some great wire-frame mock-ups of the screens that will help users to create Flavours such as the one below.

It looks like a really great project shaping up.

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