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I just finished a move to Baltimore, MD to be closer to StraighterLine and my role as Course Director there.  It’s a great city and my wife and I are really enjoying the change of pace and new locale.  Aside from a few furniture items not fitting through the door we’ve unpacked most of the way and are starting to settle back in; needless to say it was a very long weekend.

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That said, Baltimore is also the home of the growing and thriving Moodlerooms, creator and vendor of one of the most popular Moodle hosted extensions: Joule. Quite simply, joule is Moodle+.  The + equals a host of additional features and settings designed to provide a cleaner user interface, better course experience and more course creator tools (not to mention world-class hosting services*).  In addition Moodlerooms is extending some of the most sought after areas in Moodle: Reporting and analytics.

Moodlerooms  recently announced that joule 2 (based on Moodle 2.0) will be released this summer on June 6th.  joule 2, quite literally is Managed Open-Source Moodle 2 + Services + Enhanced Features.  To get a sense of what the Services and Enhanced Features they’ve created a very nifty little product matrix to explain the “plus” joule includes.

One of the most exciting +’s is the Personalized Learning Designer which sounds like conditional activities on steroids.  From the blog post,

Moodlerooms has enhanced this feature in joule 2 with the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD). The PLD goes beyond Moodle 2’s Conditional Release feature and enables instructors to “stay personal” by creating individualized learning paths and establishing event-based “rules” that trigger special messages as well as differentiated activities and resources. With the PLD, instructors can automate elements of their course, so that participants have different experiences, based on their interaction with the course. This way, instructors can quickly identify key behaviors, then take action so as to re-mediate or accelerate learning.

While joule 2 and hosted solutions are not for every institution, Moodlerooms is doing something special with Moodle and joule and is extending it beyond any other offered service on the net.  You get Moodle, which is already great, but the addons and additional features provided are both numerous and perhaps worth the investment for your organization.

Read more at http://www.moodlerooms.com/lms-solutions/joule/joule2/ or stay tuned here at Moodlenews for updates.

*Note that Joule and Moodle Power (both Moodlerooms products) require hosting through the company.  Moodlerooms offers only software as a service with support; these features/extras are built into the annual costs of usage.

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