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I’ve been working on a Moodle site for a client who needs to have students complete an end of course survey for external review.  I’ve been playing with both the Feedback and Questionnaire modules for Moodle 2.0 and I have to say that I’m struck by how mature and user-friendly both of the modules are.  It’s a shame that with this level of redundancy that one will ultimately gain favor over the other down the road.

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If you’re considering either, one of the first things you should note is that the feedback module is a standard feature in 2.0.3, but an administrator will need to make it available to use on the site.  For the Questionnaire module you’ll need to install it (but it’s available for both Moodle 1.9 and 2+ already in the modules and plugins database).  The Questionnaire module is supported/maintained by Mike Churchward and Joseph Rezeau.


Each is easy to set up, the main features are the same for each survey type: each includes fields to

  • choose if students see results
  • how many times will they complete the survey
  • configure confirmation pages
  • and since this is Moodle 2 whether there are any conditions for opening/completing the survey (such as completing the last task in a course first or earning X% of points)


A slight difference between each is that the Questionnaire can be graded (Feedback has no option for tacking on a grade).

Another difference between the modules is in the question types that each survey supports.  Here’s a break down of the different question types for each:

Finally, the Feedback module does also support templates for surveys (which would make for rapid sharing/copying of entire surveys, especially handy if you’re standardizing end of course surveys across all disciplines).  The analysis tools seem a little better organized and robust as well.


For all intents and purposes each has similar types and the same survey could easily be designed in each.

Which one will I use?  I’m leaning towards the Feedback module which is the standard feature in Moodle 2.  Since it comes as part of the core code my hope is that any upgrade of subsequent change from Feedback to a new module will automatically update what I’ve already created.

What do you think?

For more information on the modules outlined above check out the following:



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  1. Hi,
    we use 1.9 right now, but Questionnaire also has templates – we have a template for course evaluation that is used in all courses with results emailed back to admin for later analysis.

    Maybe you meant Questionnaire but wrote Feedback? I’m not too familiar with Feedback.

  2. I’ve read/heard that but there isn’t a lot of documentation on that movement to date on I will keep researching though.

  3. Hm…I did go back and check and for Moodle 2.0 the Questionnaire does not have templates but Feedback does. Strange.

  4. The Questionnaire module has two invaluable features:
    – grading for complete/incomplete
    – ability to export to text and copy/paste results to Excel

    We have programs that rely on the export feature for tracking feedback for program use, evaluations, and reporting back on grant-funded course projects.

    And I too, heard that the plan was to integrate the 3 into one for Moodle 2 but there has been no progress yet.

  5. Oh – and the likert scale (“rate”) in Questionnaire is also quite popular amongst our users.

  6. Hi. You can create and use templates in the questionnaire module. This has been a feature for many years.
    Currently, this is set using the “Advanced settings” tab and selecting “template” as the questionnaire type.


  7. Mike, thanks for the clarification. I do like the private, public, template option. Seems very handy. I will say that the Feedback module seems to have a more intuitive layout/design of the configuration options (as is evident that “Templates” is given it’s own visible tab). While the Feedback module appears to offer more, it’s not necessarily the case as some of the Questionnaire features are hidden a little deeper in the configuration screens.

  8. I like to use the Public type questionnaire. This allows the same questionnaire to be used across numerous courses, but all the responses are held in the course that contains the original Public questionnaire.


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