Meet Moonbeam the Moose and get ready for the Ohio Moot #MootOHUS11


The Ohio Moodle Moot will take place this August 11th, 2011 in Mansfield, OH.  The event will be only $75 to attend. For more information visit

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The Moot’s mascot was recently unveiled at in the forum, meet Moonbeam the Moose:

According to the site,

Moodle is fast becoming the educator’s choice for Content Management. Easy to use, anytime-anywhere access makes it a favorite for students, too.

The Ohio Technology Coordinator’s list-serv indicates there are lots of users looking for support and answers.

With so many of Ohio’s schools using Moodle, it makes sense to pool our resources in the area of knowledge, experience and creativity.

The Ohio Moodle Moot was born out of those thoughts.


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