#iMoot Recap: Statistics and future plans (find out how many attendees there were)


The iMoot Wrap-up “So long and thanks for all the fish” was a well attended end of conference event which touched on all of the positives and negatives experienced by iMooters this year.  Julian Ridden (@moodleman) gave special thanks to his staff of tireless session moderators and programmers who really created one of the best virtual conferences I’ve ever attended.

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As a bonus, Julian also provided some basic stats about the iMoot which I thought were worth sharing here, if only to highlight the year over year momentum the event has picked up (and I hope will continue to).

  • This year over 540 individuals registered for the event (and many others simply registered for the sites to engage the discussion forums which were open to all registered users).
  • Over the 4 days of the event the iMoot site garnered nearly 8000 visits from 79 countries
  • Over the 4 days there were more than 500 #imoot tweets
  • On the most active day (May 3rd) there were nearly 800 logins as captured by Moodle’s site statistics

Participants also gave kudos to the many outstanding conference sessions which I have to 2nd.  I’ve been going through all of the sessions that I missed and have yet to be let down.  Every presenter was both well prepared and truly and expert on the topic he/she was sharing.  Many thanks for the hard work which was evident across the board.

As a bonus, the session started talking about how to expand the iMoot presence and influence next year and asked for the capability to create “Mini” iMoot events. The solution is http://mini.imoot.org which I hope to see evolve over the next year with additional shorter presentation days and mini-conferences.

If you missed this year, stay tuned for next because this is not an event you want to miss.  If you’re an attendee you can go back and watch the Wrap up session at this link: http://2011.imoot.org/course/view.php?id=142.

Don’t forget that even if you missed you can still get some Moodle gear/shwag to highlight your skills by visiting the official iMoot online store: http://www.cafepress.com/imoot

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