Gone Moodle: The Saylor Foundation, Union College and Mayville Middle School


As usual here are a few educational organizations and schools that have adopted Moodle to deliver their online or hybrid courses.

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  • The Saylor Foundation, Online [site | Moodle]: The Saylor Foundation is building free educational resources online.  By contracting SMEs in each of several content areas, Saylor is building courses from resources available on the WWW and pairing them with assessments and other information in order to give students a sense of the “full course”.  While students cannot earn credit for the course offerings they can engage the content much like MIT’s OCW.  Check out their full course list here: http://www.saylor.org/general-education-program/
  • Union College, Schenectady, NY [announcement | Moodle]: Union adopted Moodle and has branded is “Nexus” for the campus.  The pilot users of Moodle began in 2010 and the formal decision to switch from Blackboard occurred in May 2011.  New teachers are being trained on Nexus this semester.
  • Mayville Middle School, Mayville, WI [article]: the school is embracing education technologies, including Moodle in order to more effectively engage students in the classroom.  According to the article,

It’s been discussed recently in the learning community that the lecture format is no longer an effective way of reaching students. So teachers in the district are getting hands-on learning about Google Docs, Moodle and Smartboard, programs that breaks away from the traditional format to educate students for a fast-paced working world.

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