A little different than normal: I found a great article about Hudsonville Highschool‘s use of Moodle and iPads in the classroom from MLive.com.  The highschool has over 200 iPads deployed throughout the school and is using them frequently in classroom settings to access electronic materials including Moodle courses. According to the article,

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Students accessed the course’s Moodle site, an online bank of resources that [Chemistry Teacher Doug] Ragan calls his “electronic filing cabinet,” and within minutes had taken a quiz on the lesson — and gotten instant results.

“The big thing is the immediate feedback,” Ragan said. “Now, I’ve just gained 15 minutes.”

As game changers iPads provide the convenience of web browsing in a small, power-packed unit and the ability to kinesthetically navigate using your fingers.   I’m sure the students and teachers at Hudsonville are enjoying the devices.

Read the full article at http://goo.gl/O4A2n.

Are you using iPads or other tablets in the classroom in conjunction with Moodle?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for making note of the article. Its Doug Ragan not Dave as shown. Moodle has been a game changer for me as much as the iPad. Any questions I would love to answer them.


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