Gone Moodle: Bulldogs, Gophers and Penguins (oh my!)


As usual, here’s a weekly recap of a few educational organizations, schools, colleges and universities who are embracing Moodle and taking the OS plunge:

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  • Hernandez Middle School (Bulldogs), Round Rock, TX [blog post 1, blog post 2]: according to both posts Moodle is really taking off with 7th and 8th grade teachers at this Texas middle school.
  • University of Minnesota (Gophers) [announcement]: moving from WebVista to Moodle, UofMN will spend this year transitioning LMS according to the transition page.  Moodle will be the university’s only LMS by August 2012.  The University campus system serves over 67,000 students (updated).
  • Clark College (Penguins), Vancouver, WA [announcement]: Clark College is also transitioning to Moodle over this coming semester in order to start using Moodlerooms’ Joule distribution of Moodle exclusively this summer 2011.  Clark College serves as many as 16,000 full- and part-time students every quarter.