Emory Maiden (@evmaiden) shared a cool “Embedding Multimedia” course at MoodleMayhem.org recently and it’s available for download and restoration to your own Moodle site: https://sites.google.com/site/moodlemayhem/moodle-courses (it’s #4).  The course was shared as a resource during a presentation at the recent Mars Hill Moodle Moot in Mars, North Carolina (http://minimoot.mhc.edu/).

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This is the session’s description,

In this session we will explore and demonstrate the ways html and embeddable media can both be used to enhance and streamline an online course. The presenter will discuss best practices for the use of embeddable content in a course and compare activities in Moodle as well as discuss possible implications for Moodle2.

If you’re interested in learning more about embedding materials, videos and other resources into Moodle (or helping other teachers to learn how to) this is a great resource.

Download the course: http://goo.gl/MgT3P

Here are a few screenshots of the restored course (and you can check it out by logging into http://joedle.com with student/student).

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