@edumoodle asks, “if you had Moodle app, it would…?”


@EduMoodle the official Twitter for the new position that Tomaz Lasic was hired to fill at MoodleHQ is driving a community effort to identify what a Moodle App would do.  The open canvas initiative has already attracted loads of great ideas and suggestions.  You can submit your own (I did) at this URL: http://sync.in/b677XYbMD0.  According to Tomaz’s archived chat,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

At HQ, we are looking to develop apps for Moodle, this is just one way of asking for people’s ideas

Some of the coolest ideas are ways that would make classroom tasks (taking attendance, etc.) more easily completed using a mobile tablet or handheld device.  Could a Moodle app make stronger case for using Moodle as a classroom management tool for offline activities?  Time will tell.

Have a great idea for what a Moodle App would do?  Share it! http://sync.in/b677XYbMD0

More ideas and expanded documentation are available at http://docs.moodle.org/en/Development:Though_about_Moodle_2_for_mobile.


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