CLAMP Moodle 1.9.11+LAE1.2 has been released


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The Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project has released its newest version of its Liberal Arts Edition (LAE) of Moodle addons as a package for anyone to download. This distribution of Moodle includes several non-core features which help to simplify grading and adds a host of useful tools.

In this release you can look forward to two new activities

  • Anonymous forums
  • Simple file upload

And two admin/teacher tools:

  • The updated CLAMP Grader Report
  • Assignment Zip

LAE also comes with TinyMCE as an alternative to HTMLarea (so Chrome and other modern browsers are supported; however Firefox is still recommended by CLAMP).

You can read more about the CLAMP flavor of Moodle at their website  You’ll also find a complete download of this Moodle version and a list of all non-core features included.  If  you’re interested in the colleges and universities behind the project check out