Check out the Unofficial Clone of myMoodle Mobile for #Android


More in Android/Moodle news: Juan Leyva has endeavored to clone the iOS app for Mobile Moodle onto the Android (and other) platform.  Screenshots of the alpha release are already available.  According to his post at,

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This application is intended and has been designed to be easily customizable by Institutions (University, corp..). This application uses common web technologies (HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript) and the high level multi-platform mobile Javascript framework Phonegap.

Phonegap enables you to build your app once with web-standards and deploy to multiple platforms.

Please note that this app is not a replacement or improvement of the official app for iPhone (and Android when available). It has been designed to be a good starting point for creating your own custom app because is easily customizable and extendable using web technologies by anyone.

The app is currently an alpha release with some bugs to fix and some functionalities not working fine

This post is a call for help for alpha/beta testers in Android and also BlackBerry

If you’re interested in being a tester visit

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