The Moodle VPL (Virtual Programming Lab) was introduced last year in July and was a pretty popular posting here on Moodlenews [link].

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VPL is an activity module to manage programming assignments providing the usual characteristics such as upload, download and view assignments, data backup and restore, grading, groups, access control based on roles, access logs, etc. adding also a large number of features tailored to the programming assignments. [link]

Just a quick update that Juan Carlos Rodriguez-del-Pino and his team have released a new (their 3rd) update to the VPL [link to the announcement].  A new feature adds a running program example as an activity.

According to the announcement it’s recommended that all users of 1.x upgrade to this new version 1.3.

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  1. I was thinking about installing Mozilla’s Cloud9 formerly bespin. I wonder if anyone is thinking along the same lines? Or is this solution better?

  2. Bob, Can’t speak to the Mozilla program…but according to the documentation at the site listed in the post this creates the activity in the gradebook so the integration is a lot closer.


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