1000th post at Moodlenews (thanks for reading)


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This is actually the 1006th post at Moodlenews and I wanted to quickly thank all the readers for sticking with us and providing all of the great feedback, comments and questions.  Keep them coming and I’ll try to reciprocate.

1000 posts is a lot but I have to admit the last 18 months at Moodlenews have flown by and I’ve been blessed to be able to follow such a great community and highlight all of the awesomely cool stuff that’s happening with Moodle.  From the 1st post to the 1000th…I’ve enjoyed it all.

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  1. Congratulations Joseph! You are a prolific Moodle writer, reporter, detective, artist and enthusiast, all rolled into one. Thank you for every post.

  2. yes – big congratulations from me too – I confess I get a secret (well until now!) pleasure from seeing how short a time it takes btween the time a new Moodle initiative or good blog post appears and when you pick up on it and add it to Moodlenews! If it takes longer than a few hours I presume you must be asleep 🙂


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