Tomaz Lasic posted some new information pertaining to his vision and goal for the Moodletown Education Center ( this week.  The submission, made to the Moodle tracker site ( outlines the gaps pointed out by the Moodle community, specifically he says,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

There are NOT many places to show what people actually do with Moodle. And there are constant calls for it from moots and other places!

The MEC is the solution for both research and training at all levels.  Think of it as a testing ground for all things Moodle so that new, continuing and advanced users can see how other teachers structure Moodle for successful integration into classroom, blended and online learning situations.

The site is designed to address questions of

  • examples of usage
  • providing that “aha” moment when teachers see the value (often this is not apparent in even the most well constructed courses available to peruse; the lack of student data in an ongoing process is detrimental to seeing the true value of a well executed Moodle activity)
  • lack of description and context

Check out this link for more information:

Note that Tomaz is seeking course authors from the Moodle community to help with the research, construct courses and to meet the goals of this extraordinary project.

Looking back sometime from now it will be interesting to learn who and how users will have been influenced by the research, data and presentations that will undoubtedly come to light through this experiment.

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